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Warranty terms

 Warranty terms:

Hadid Sanat Pars Power Company guarantees its products as following:

- Power generators, including diesel and gas supplied by the company,

- All components, accessories and components of power generators,

- Perform all maintenance and repair of parts (during the warranty period) completely free of charge, subject to full compliance with the provisions contained in this work by the buyer.

This warranty is valid if:

- Force generators are employed in accordance with the instructions of the technical books and based on the provided trainings,

- power generators are serviced and maintained in accordance with the technical instructions and scheduled schedule;

- For the maintenance and maintenance of power generators, the original filters of oil, grease, coolant or other lubricants shall be used in accordance with the standards specified in the technical literature,

- No force generators out of their power and standard capacity have been used,

- No changes have been made in the systems and components of the generators, and nothing has been added or reduced.

- No modifications have been made to components and components of power generators without coordination or by persons other than authorized personnel of the Hadid Industrial Pars Force Company;

- Original components and spare parts have always been used for power generators.

- Force generators are only trained and certified by the Hadid Industrial Pars Force Company,

- In the event of any failure or malfunction of power generators with regard to warning signs, stopped immediately informing Hadid Industrial Pars Force company before any action is taken.

- Only the accessories and equipment approved and coordinated by the company Hadid Industrial Pars Niroo on the power generators,

- All parts that have been replaced during the warranty period have returned to Hadid Industries Company.

Items that do not include warranty:

- Supplies and consumables such as bottles, belts, filters, and all wear plates and accessories are not covered by warranty.

- The occurrence of any adverse affairs, whether financial or mental, arising from the use of power generators, does not include warranty,

- All damage resulting from an accident involving natural disasters such as floods, fires, earthquakes, etc., as well as inappropriate or negligent use of the maintenance and servicing of power generators, including warranty,

- All expenses related to the transportation and transfer of power generators from local to another place or to the repair shop of Hadid Industrial Pars Niroo and in return does not include warranty.

- All related to the periodic services of power generators, including daily, weekly, and ... hourly services, service supplies such as oils, filters, greases, antifreeze, cooling liquids, etc., sending expert Carrying out periodic services does not include warranty,

- All maintenance and related costs, including fuel, oil, antifreeze, filters and other consumables and consumables, do not include warranty.

- All damages resulting from the use of inappropriate or ineligible fuel, in accordance with the standards specified in technical books, do not include warranties.

Duration and warranty:

- The warranty period of the power generators from the date of delivery by the company Hadid Industrial Pars Niroo to the buyer on a permanent basis for one year or 1200 worked for emergency generators (with a maximum of 500 hours of operation per year) for two years,

- This warranty is valid only with the signature of Hadid Industrial Pars Niroo Company.